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Terms & Conditions

  1. All loads must be booked in at least 48 hours prior to delivery/collection
  2. All prices must be agreed prior to any recycling service taking place and payment method must have been verified and agreed by email before any mattresses or other items can be accepted in to any of our sites
  3. Unloading/loading times: Although we will endeavour to get the vehicle in on time and unloaded as fast as possible, there may be times when this is not possible and we reserve the right to require a vehicle at our site(s) for up to two hours where necessary. This is an absolute extreme and may only be required in extra-ordinary circumstances.
  4. Timeslot adherence: To prevent frustration and unnecessary waiting for vehicles at our site waiting to unload, then we operate a booking in system whereby drivers will be allocated a timeslot for deliveries of goods to our site(s). We will accept a 15 minutes tolerance on this allocated timeslot but for anything greater than 15 minutes then we will require a phone call from the driver or the company whose products are being delivered to us, in order that we can offer revised instructions as to when the vehicle may be accepted into our site(s)
  5. Our employees have the discretion to refuse the delivery/collection of any mattress that they consider presents a safety risk or deemed hazardous to health (e.g. infested or heavily soiled)
  6. Mattresses deemed to be wet or damp will be recorded accordingly and then processed as such which will incur the additional wet/heavily soiled surcharge of an additional 30% on the “Gate Fee” price agreement between the two parties for “Dry Mattresses”.
  7. In the circumstances where both wet and dry mattresses are sent in on the same load, then any dry mattress that is in contact with the wet mattresses or becomes wet or damp as a result of water running off the wet mattresses and onto the dry ones or the floor or walls of the container/vehicle transporting the mattresses that causes the dry mattresses to become wet during the unloading process, then any such mattress will then be deemed to be wet or damp and be subject to the same conditions as stated in section 6 above.
  8. It is at our discretion, to deem which, if any, dry mattresses have been compromised by cross-contamination from wet/damp mattresses should any customer decide to send a mixed load to us
  9. All mattresses will be accounted for and a waste acceptance/ transfer note issued accordingly, which must be signed for by the collection/delivery vehicle driver. A copy of which will be given to the driver, one copy retained by us and another copy emailed to the customer for their records
  10. If sending wet/damp mattresses and dry mattresses to us on the same vehicle, then wet mattresses must not be placed on top of dry ones as the moisture will run through to the dry ones and potentially cross-contaminate the whole load. Equally, dry ones should not be placed on top of wet/damp mattresses as the dry mattresses that are in direct contact with the wet/damp ones will soak up some moisture and render those otherwise dry mattresses as wet mattresses when they are unloaded from the vehicle. Customers must place a physical barrier between the lower wet/damp mattresses and the dry mattresses above them, such as polythene sheeting in order to prevent the two types of mattresses from physically coming into contact with each other. Ideally, the best option is to send wet/damp mattresses as a separate load
  11. Payment Terms are strictly 30 days from date of invoice and all or any outstanding invoices that are due, must be settled in full before any other mattresses will be accepted into our recycling facility from that particular company unless otherwise agreed in writing via email