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Being part owned by Seika Metallo Ltd who are the parent company of HML Recycling Ltd then we are fortunate enough to share facilities and operate out of one of their 10,000sq ft units on the same site. Stuart Rogan who is the MD of HML and a major shareholder and Director of Envirotex, offers us the advantage of his valuable wealth of recycling experience along with his extensive knowledge of metal waste materials processing, having been part of his family run business for over 30 years that was started by his Father (David Rogan) way back in 1965.

Stuart excels at identifying and improving upon operational processing efficiencies and has driven HML to be one of the most impressive, efficient and modern thinking recyclers in the North West .

Our collective senior management and board members have many years of mattress recycling experience as well as textile, metals and polymer recovery between them. Their synergy works well as a collective, to deliver a much needed new approach to one of the more difficult and problematic waste streams that still challenge even the most willing recycling companies. Even today, the vast majority of waste mattresses that enter the waste stream still end up in landfill or incineration which only recovers less than 25% CO2 emissions.

We are an ambitious forward thinking and progressive company that will strive to innovate and create new global markets and applications for the deconstructed materials to recover a massive 87%+ of CO2 which has to be a better message for everyone and especially the legacy we wish to leave to the next generation.

We currently have capacity for processing and recovering the materials from 1,500 mattresses per week on a single shift basis with ambitions to quickly grow our business to become one of the largest mattress recycling companies within Europe. Our USP is the rare ability to handle both wet mattresses as well as dry ones, along with strong relationships with end user manufacturing clients both in the UK and overseas to enable efficient levels of throughput for everything that enters our recycling unit.

Being based in the pleasant little village of Huncoat near Accrington, then there is no doubt that we are the archetypal friendly northerners that just get things done without too much fuss. We are welcoming and efficient and will go the extra mile to make your experience in dealing with us as painless and straight forward as is humanly possible.

So if you are a business or commercial operation that has mattresses to dispose of and would prefer to recycle them rather than burning or landfilling them, then we would love to speak with you.