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The Solution We Offer

If you are a business or an organization that gathers large volumes of old waste mattresses and traditionally sends them to
landfill or incineration in order to dispose of them, then we can offer you an alternative solution.

We have the ability to recycle both wet and dry mattresses and aim to recover all of the textiles and polymer materials from them in order to be reused in the UK and around the world to manufacture new products

Goods In

Mattresses, textiles and polymer materials are collected or delivered to our processing site via artic wagon, Luton or transit van vehicles and then each item is recorded on official documentation and photographed before being unloaded and sent to the processing station


Mattresses and other items are moved into our processing stations where they are deconstructed and each textile and polymer type are then segregated and further reprocessed to ensure they meet the standards required by the customer

Goods Out

After the quality checks by the processing stations have been passed then the various material types reach the Goods Out department where they are packaged and loaded onto the particular vehicles for shipment to our UK, European and global clients

Textile Recovery

We recover and recycle many different
forms of textiles and polymer based materials

Polymer Recovery

Many of our materials have found their way into some quite surprising second life applications


of each Mattress Gets Recycled on average

We Will Make A Massive Difference

The Mattress replacement market in the UK in 2013 was 4,531,000 (4.5 Million) but of those only 586,000 were recycled which is less than 13% so that’s only one out of every 7.7 mattresses that actually gets recycled and not sent to landfill.

 We have the capability to recycle and recover more than 97% of every mattress (on average) and the capacity to process both dry and damp mattresses along with the more technically engineered pocket springs that most other mattress recyclers are unable to handle


Extensive Demographic Studies

According to the National Bed Federation (NBF) Report 2014 the UK disposes of just over 7 Million mattresses but recycles only 12.7% of them

Recycling Diverts From Landfill

Our recycling process is quite unique in that we can save customers money, enable them to avoid landfill, find alternative uses for the recyclable materials and offer a complete recycling audit trail

Manufacturers & Retailers

Our cost effective service is great for manufacturers and even more so for retailers who may want to sell more new mattresses by offering a Take-Back scheme.

What Should You Do?

It’s time to recycle your mattresses and since we are competitively priced against sending them to landfill then it makes good sense to at least give us a call where we can discuss the type and quantity you have.. It really is that simple

Mattresses for recycling

EnviroTex Recycling Centre

EnviroTex Products Ltd
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EnviroTex Products Ltd
Unit 3D Bolton Avenue,  Huncoat,
Accrington Lancashire BB5 6NJ
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